Etienne Kiss-BorlaseSince 2012, Mr. Etienne Kiss-Borlase has been developing ART-IN-TRUST ™.

ART-IN-TRUST is an old master solution to contemporary and non-figurative problems. It integrates the competences of a number of specialists within finance, wealth planning, and art and combines them to provide full-service, integrated protection solutions to collectors and their collections.

In collaboration with Mr. Tan Soo Liap of Singapore, Mr. Etienne Kiss-Borlase and Mr Liap are pursuing providing new approach to an area Etienne has been excelling in for the past twenty years. Mr. Liap brings his extensive experience and knowledge of the art market, its actors, and the East Asia region, including China.

Both promoters are convinced of the need for a solution such as ART-IN-TRUST, and they will be working together to ensure that the services provided by ART-IN-TRUST ™ continue to benefit the art collection through generations. ART-IN-TRUST is expected to become a necessity in todays ever-changing and unstable world.